A downloadable visual novel

Mush is on their way to a job interview at the enigmatic Crumb Island.

Winner of the Tyranobuilder Spring 2017 Gamejam and IGN's Media Showcase Award at Bitsummit 2018.

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Install instructions

Unzip and run .exe!

If your computer says it's trying to protect you, it's lying. Click more info, then run.


Dome-King Cabbage Demo 1.1 (PC).zip 389 MB
Dome-King Cabbage Demo 1.1 (Mac).zip 402 MB


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Great job! I loved the art style and the animation. Looking forward to more!

Yo! Thanks!


This was really amazingly done, I love the animations and the art style, you did an amazing job!  

A great little intro to something bigger, I hope? One day? I'd play it anyway, its really cool.


Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it.. makes my chest feel warm. There WILL be more. I plan on selling chapter 1 on phones , steam, itch.io and whatever platform will accept it. c:


I really love the art direction you have going for your game. It caught me off guard. I'm shocked you don't have more screenshots. It looks really polished.