A downloadable Dome-King for Windows and macOS

Mush is on their way to a job interview at the enigmatic Crumb Island.

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Published May 07, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorCobysoft Co.
GenreVisual Novel

Install instructions

Unzip and run .exe!

If your computer says it's trying to protect you, it's lying. Click more info, then run.


Dome-KingCabbage(Windows).zip 212 MB
Dome-KingCabbage(Mac).zip 215 MB


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Great job! I loved the art style and the animation. Looking forward to more!

Yo! Thanks!


This was really amazingly done, I love the animations and the art style, you did an amazing job!  

A great little intro to something bigger, I hope? One day? I'd play it anyway, its really cool.


Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it.. makes my chest feel warm. There WILL be more. I plan on selling chapter 1 on phones , steam, itch.io and whatever platform will accept it. c:


I really love the art direction you have going for your game. It caught me off guard. I'm shocked you don't have more screenshots. It looks really polished.


I purposely left screenshots out so that people who stumbled on Dome-King Cabbage would be surprised by the sudden change in art style. Maybe I should spruce up the page though, hmmm..